~Simply Lost~

~Lost in my own world full of my own thoughts, in which no one can see or hear~

Based off of my.. Personal life kinda idek

In order to be in love, you have to feel it. You have to truly know it, you have to know him or her and you have to make sure you’re willing to love this person with their flaws and understand the difference between being in love and simply loving someone. For example, there were two teens, who claimed to have been “brother and sister”
The sister had a boyfriend, one in which their relationship wasn’t good. She had started to become closer to her “brother” and told him the truth about her past. She almost had him crying, and made a promise to himself to make sure she’s protected, even if he doesn’t have her. He liked her, but didn’t think he had a chance. She was scared. She wanted him, but had someone else. She no longer wanted him. So they took a bus one day. Females say wth females and males with males. She wanted to sit next to him. They did. She cuddled up to him and they washed movies. They got closer and closer and they almost kissed. She got upset. She wanted to kiss him but she was scared, she had a boyfriend. But she didn’t want him. She wanted her “brother” his name? John. John wasn’t her brother. John was the one she wanted. She fancied him. She knew she wanted him. Handsome, and amazing personality. She could point out everything about him, and she’d always find ways to see him. Through out the day they stole kisses and she knew what she wanted. She wanted him. And him only. She broke up with her boyfriend. And waited for john. The day went by and she was called a whore and slut. Her scars started to show up more and her arms bloodier everyday. He didn’t know at first, but he found out. I love you slipped out and eventually they stuck to saying it. She was scared to love but she knew it was him. Eventually they had gone through so much and had experienced so much together that they knew, the both of then, that they were in love. She now wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and he wants her and only her. And to spend the rest of his life with her. He wants to experience everything with her and her only. And now they currently are still together, wishing that someday they will grow old and spend together as long as they live. And they promise to love each other unconditionally.